Some Common Aikido Techniques

Here is a list of common techniques:

  • Ikkyo - first pin
  • Ni Kyo - second pin
  • San Kyo - third pin
  • Yon Kyo - fourth pin
  • Go Kyo - fifth pin
  • Irimi Nage - entering throw (20 year throw)
  • Kaiten Nage - revolving throw
  • Shiho Nage - four corner throw
  • Ten Chi Nage - heaven and earth throw
  • Kote Gaeshi - wrist turning throw/pin
  • Kokyu Nage - breath throw
  • Koshi Nage - hip throw

Grading Techniques

For a copy of the AKI Grading Syllabus with the grading techniques, refer to the Junior Grading Syllabus or the Senior Grading Syllabus pages. The Grading Syllabus simply detail what techniques need to be performed at what level of grade.

Aikido Techniques online learning tool

For a description of techniques, please refer to the Aikido Moves website at

The Aikido Moves website is a database of aikido techniques created by AKI ACT Aikidoist Peter Thomas. It provides a 'what technique is that' list and is linked to the AKI gradings. It is designed as a quick reference so you can select moves by grade, by attack, by defence, etc, view the details of each move, and for most moves watch a short video of the technique.

The site has also been designed to operate well on mobiles as well as on larger screen devices. It will even operate when your mobile is not connected to the Internet, although you won't be able to view the videos, as they come direct from YouTube.