Aikido Kenkyukai Canberra has a very experienced group of Aikido instructors, with over 100 years of combined Aikido experience. Here are the local senior instructors:

Bruce Lowes (6th Dan)

Started Aikido in 1976. Teaches seniors at Erindale dojo.

Mike Macgregor (5th Dan)

Started Aikido in 1979.

Laurie Nash (5th Dan)

Started Aikido in 1990. Teaches juniors and seniors at Cook dojo

Tony Butt (4th Dan)

Started Aikido in 1985. Teaches beginners and seniors at Cook dojo.

Clare Engel (4th Dan)

Started Aikido in 1994. Teaches seniors at Erindale dojo.

Damon Schearer (4th Dan)

Started Aikido in 1991. Teaches seniors at Erindale dojo.

Damon has a strong interest in Aikido’s martial art context, in particular the connection to sword. He is currently Dojo-Cho at Kuroyama Budokai where he teaches Iaido and Jodo and holds Godan (5th Dan) in each and is continually looking for the intersection between the various Budo arts.