Stewart Letford Sensei

5th Dan, Chief Instructor, and Founder of Aikido Kenkyu Kai in Australia. This interview was conducted in October 1995 at a special training weekend with Stewart in Canberra.

Satoshi Takeda Sensei

April 1997, Canberra A long standing AKI Instructor, "Satoshi Sensei" is a favourite of AKI students for his energetic and insightful training.

Masao Ishii Sensei

January 2000, Canberra Masao Ishii Sensei is an instructor at Mie University, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Japan.
Ishii Sensei was a long serving student of Yamaguchi Sensei. He visited Canberra, Australia for 6 months in 1999/2000 on sabbatical to Australian National University. In this time he taught AKI Canberra students, who enjoyed his clear instruction and attention to detail.