Sydney Aiki workshop

On the weekend of August 18/19, Balmain will be hosting a workshop on the Internal Power or "aiki" that is the fundamental basis of all martial Arts and sorely missing from Aikido. It is the vital element of O sensei's teaching yet has virtually been lost in the intervening 50yrs since his passing. IT is still apparent in the Chinese Internal Arts and a few determined individuals from Daito Ryu and Aikido have worked hard to keep the practises alive and accessible.

Dr Michael Dreyer spent  a week in East coast USA in June at one of these intensives and will be conducting training and passing on his observations, experience and practises.

Simon Wong will be also teaching some practises from his background in both Karate and Taichi. There is no difference in the principles of Inner Power from across all the martial arts. What is different is the form in which it is expressed, and obviously we are interested in aikido ( the way of "aiki") as its expression.

I will also explain how we seem to have gotten into this situation throughout the aikdo and Japanese Budo world. Comments from significant people in our heritage will also be passed on.

Classes will be from 8am saturday through to 2pm with break for brunch.

Then again on sunday from 9am to 12 pm.

Please bring a bokken.

Cost will be $60 for the weekend or $25 per session. All funds will be used to pay for dojo hire and reimbursement of Dr Dreyer's airfare. Any surplus will be used to subsidise future events.

There will also be time for discussion in the afternoon/evening for all to participate, along with refreshments.

I am sure this will be a stimulating weekend for all who participate. It will not be a usual aikido event.


Steve Seymour

Sat, 18/08/2012 (All day) to Sun, 19/08/2012 (All day)