Living Green Festival Demo

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 Living Green Festival Demo - lunchtime?

I've booked a demo at the Living Green Festival, around lunchtime, near the kids area.  Probably 30-60 mins depending on their final offer.  It's free, and we can promote ourselves during the demo, so it would be great to have a number of people, like last year, dressed in full gi, to do the demo, and hand out cards and chat about Aikido while the demo is happening.  This would also be a good opportunity to coordinate the Beginner's course to start the following week, and a discount for those who come via the LGF.

 So can we have a show of numbers as to who is able to attend?  It's 10am-4pm 14th October at Albert Hall.

 No stall or TV needed this year, unless others really want to do it, in which case, contact Monty asap so we can arrange it.  One big bang at lunchtime, and I'll keep cards/promo material at my stall otherwise.



 Monica Gallacher


 T:  02 6247 7606

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Living Green Festival, Albert Hall
Sun, 14/10/2012 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm