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USAF Nidan: Tachi Tori? (Adam Nicholson)

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Testing: USAF Nidan: Tachi Tori? - 0 Replies

From: Adam Nicholson on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 13:12:47 -0600

The USAF requirements for nidan examination specify two uke for tachi tori, up from one for shodan. What USAF dan examination videos I can find online tend to show multiple uke for buki tori waiting for the examinee to clear and reset before taking their turn to attack, unlike randori, where a greater number of uke means (to various degrees in various examination venues) more to deal with at once. Was this once an examination element where uke attacked in a coordinated or simultaneous manner, that has since come to be more relaxed? Are there USAF examinations where the uke do attack at once? Or is there another rationale I'm missing for the second tachi tori uke?
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