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Worn a fitness tracker during practice? (Cherie Cornmesser)

General: Worn a fitness tracker during practice? - 11 Replies

From: Cherie Cornmesser on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:07:59 -0600

I have been using Fitness trackers for several years now. There was a time when I wore my tracker during class just because I wanted to see what I could learn. I have tried wearing it in several places. The Shoulder(bra strap) was okay and I also wore it on my belt beneath the hakama. I found it least accuate there but did gather some data. The best place I found was to wear it on my ankle. I had the Charge HR that has a normal band with a buckle and found that I could jsut use a hair band to extend the length to fit my ankle. Currently using a rebuilt Garmin Vivoactive HR and going back to the Charge2. I really do like them as motivators to do more. My first tracker was a Flex and that one never worked out well for me for practice. I did think of sewing a pocket for it but I didn't stay with that version for too long. I did jsut tapem it to the inside of my gi with a wide piece of duck tape which worked okay. I saw on Amazon today that somone has finally made an ankle band that can hold a tracker in place. Wearing it on the ankle did not interfere with ukemi at all and kept it out of the way of training partners. Another dojomate has worn hers on her wrist, moved higher up her arm and it was not much in the way but it did at times slip and interfere with wrist grab attacks. She has a smaller arm than I have though and I know there were times when she decided to remove it. These days I no longer wear mine during class but it was worth doing fo a while just to get a sense of how much of a workout I was actually getting.

Resistance? (Phi Truong)

Teaching: Resistance? - 91 Replies

From: Phi Truong on Thu, 22 Mar 2018 13:24:01 -0600

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Kata-Dori Ude Osae Ura (Ikajo) (Amos Barnett)

Training: Kata-Dori Ude Osae Ura (Ikajo) - 7 Replies

From: Amos Barnett on Wed, 21 Mar 2018 21:41:46 -0600

This might help. It is a series of videos showing the basic Yoshinkan-style techniques done by the offshoot Renshinkai group: [url][/url]