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Nice pressure training by Lenny Sly (Igor Vojnović)

Training: Nice pressure training by Lenny Sly - 9 Replies

From: Igor Vojnović on Sat, 23 Mar 2019 04:42:40 -0600

Well the good thing about the video is that you can see that certain techniques are in fact good solutions for certain situation and finally one can see that kotegaeshi isn't a "takedown" technique.

Filming in the Dojo (David Norton)

General: Filming in the Dojo - 8 Replies

From: David Norton on Thu, 21 Mar 2019 07:17:58 -0600

What David Skaggs said. It all depends on what you're doing it for. Full disclosure: I know almost nothing about the technology. But I've worked with film makers, and there seems to be consensus that it's less about the equipment, and more about other stuff; lighting, background, etc. When we filmed "[URL=""]Dumbass Shakedown[/URL]", my director used a mid-range camera, but his biggest grip was about the fluorescent lighting and plain white walls. My suggestion... use what you have, and see for yourself how it turns out. And find a friend who's got some technical knowledge to help & guide you through.

In Memory Kanetsuka Minoru Sensei (Amos Barnett)

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From: Amos Barnett on Wed, 20 Mar 2019 19:09:09 -0600

Friends of mine in Norway mentioned that Kanetsuka Sensei had passed earlier in the month. My condolences to people who knew him. I found this video on Youtube celebrating his life. [youtube]80cxLu9O8P0[/youtube]